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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

Germany: 5,79€

EU-Countrys: 13,99€

Rest of the world: 25,99€

How long does shipping take?

I try to ship as fast as possible but since I´m managing the shop besides my regular job some delays can be possible.

If I get it sent the day the order arrives it should be about:

Germany:  2-3 working days

EU-Countrys:  5-10 working days

Rest of the world: 10-20 working days


Where the money goes to and how it´s going to be split is always going to be stated in the product description. 

The Materials are also going to be in the product description. If there´s any mistake like something´s labeled vegan and you see that the stated colour isn´t or stuff like that, inform me please. Also I´m always open to suggestions regarding materials, funds and so.


I´m going to try to stream on twitch while making new designs or creative stuff in gerenell. Furthermore I try to make some updates or I´ll just ramble about funds and things like that on youtube. Right now I can´t estimate how much time I can devote to it tho, since I also do have my regular work and do pretty much everything here from designs, to editing photos, sending packages and so on by myself. 

Moreover there´s a Discord channel for the people who want to connect themselves or want to give me suggestions and so on. I´m pro feminism, lgbtq+, against facism/sexism/racism/ableism and in generell against every kind of discriminational behaviour. Which means that I won´t accept any kind off this behaviour on any off those social media platforms. Please just be kind and respectful – not only here, just generel in life.