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The online shop
where every purchase makes a difference.

I try my best to make all products I offer fairtrade, ecofriendly and vegan.  Also for every order at least 10% gets donated to different funds. There´s also more information stated in every article description.

All artworks are made by myself and I try to have a positve impact with the art I do. If you have any recommendations for funds worth of supporting or stuff like that, feel free to message me.

The online shop where every purchase plants a seed.

Besides donating 10% on regular products there are going to be fundraisers with flexible prices where everything except the expenses is going to get donated.

Trying to make everything Fairtrade, Ecofriendly and Vegan is a good step in the right direction. Since this is just tackling some issues the regular fashion industry produces I also try to have some positive Impact with donations, especially in places where it´s really needed.