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Anhedna is a personal project of mine, where it’s about bringing my creative output into the world and doing something good at the same time.

In generell it´s going to be about art, whereas many of my lino cut designs, illustrations and so on will be printed on clothing, which is going to be ecofriendly, fairtrade and vegan. In addition, it is close to my heart not to set the prices too high, because in my opinion it should be affordable for a large number of people to buy ecological and fair clothing and not only for big earners.The packaging is also fully sustainable and recycable. The shipping is handled by DHL GoGreen.

Which blanks and screen printing ink is used, from whom the screen printing comes and everything relevant will be included within the product description.

Depending on the design, money will go to one or more organizations that I consider meaningful. Furthermore, I plan to regularly sell solidarity shirts with different themes (such as the Deputinization longsleeves) where the complete proceeds, apart from the expenses, will be donated.

In the future I also plan on selling canvases and original artwork of mine. I still have to figure out how this is going to be regarding pricing and donation value tho.

If there are any problems with the order, or you have meaningful constructive suggestions you can contact me via the contact form, Email or in the Discord/Twitch chat. Also keep in mind that this is a one Person business which I do besides my regular work and other projects so if it may take some time, please be patient. Also I am pro lgbtq+, anti fascism/sexism/racism/ableism and in generell against every kind of discrimination.

Consume consciously, be empathetic and kind.

With love,